Can’t find the Perfect home plan design online or in your area?

I can design your Dream Home now in 3 easy steps!

Are you frustrated looking for the Perfect home plan or trouble explaining what you want in your Dream Home? With 30 years of experience designing beautiful homes in traditional to contemporary styles for custom home buyers and builders, I will create a stunning, functional Schematic Home Design Plan and Elevation for you! ANY Style or SIZE. If you cannot locate the specific style or plan that meets your wish list, or cannot find a local professional that can execute your vision, I can custom design a house that will meet your objectives. Do you wish to have a starter home, move up, historical design, modern/contemporary, transitional, mansion, castle or …?

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Yes, there can be an ideal design for your Dream Home!

And it is a simple step by step process that works for anyone, on any lot, for any size and style. I have met the expectations of hundreds of clients looking to plan their Ideal House.

Three simple steps to getting your Dream Home on paper! See below...

3 Steps to bring your Dream Alive!

Step 1

Describe in detail what you would like in your Dream Home by filling out the Schematic Questionnaire after you log in your order. Send me your Wish List!

Step 2

Describe your Property/Land. (you may start without a Site) by including your survey, legal description, photos

Step 3

I will create the Schematic Floor Plan reflecting your Size/Style/Plan Arrangement and then design a Unique Front Elevation/Façade by hand. You approve all work!

What You'll Get: Schematic Front View Design and Floor Plan

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What is a Schematic or Conceptual Design?

The Schematic Design is an initial accurate layout of the floor plans and front view (façade or elevation), based on your property and space requirements. It is the creative starting point, the essence of your Dream Home. The normal process of designing a house is based on the legal bounds and zoning of a property, your wish list of rooms, size and style, a general idea of budget, and a preference of where you would like the rooms, how they would relate to each other, the lay of the land, climate and views, etc.

Finishing a Schematic Design indicates an accurate layout of rooms – whether on one level or more—placement of windows, doors, kitchen cabinets and fixtures, plumbing and cabinet locations in bathrooms, closets, storage, decks, balconies, garages, laundry room, offices or study, specialty rooms, etc. and then is followed by a drawing of the actual look of the front of the house.

BONUS: Where allowed, the cost of the Schematic Package will be credited to a basic Permit Set for construction, should you elect to have us continue! Contact me for details: [email protected]

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What is the Benefit of having this done?

You will know the size of the finalized plan in terms of living area (heated and cooled) room by room, plus garages, porches, storage, etc. and the principal style that matches the lines of the floor plan(s). And you will receive the Front View Façade Design based on your plans. You can discuss the Schematic Package with contractors or interior designers to determine initial cost projections. You can see the size of each room and the total final area of air conditioned/heated living and non-conditioned space calculations. Further adjustment and refinement may follow. This is the first look of the vision and ideas you have in mind for your Dream Home.

YOU benefit from having over 30 years of experience by the hand of an architect specializing in custom homes work for you! The turnaround time is surprisingly quick, based on your timely review and comments step by step.

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How can I use the Schematic Design?

The Schematic Floor Plans and Front Elevation are yours, exclusively. There is no copyright held by the designer – me! You are free to use the design in any way you wish. You can give them to a local builder, draftsperson, or other design professional to continue developing until you decide to work up a Permit Set for construction. Schematics are not sufficient drawings from which to build. They are the basic plans and front view of your Dream Home. They are the initial creative response to a wish list of your making. You may also elect to have us continue working on the Schematics to create a basic set of drawings, where allowed, from which you can pull a permit to build. Other additional/optional services are available: interior architecture, specifications, assistance with contractor selection, etc. where allowed by local or state law.

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How Do we Work Together?

You simply tell me what you want in your Dream Home in writing, forward a survey (not necessary if just dreaming) and the general zoning or any specialized subdivision design covenants, and I will design a scaled Floor Plan and Front Elevation to meet your requirements. This is the basic method I have used to design ANY house for ANYONE over the last 30 years. You are welcome to meet in person at my office in Orlando or save time and money working one on one via email, text, and telephone.

There will be several reviews of the work as we progress, and you must be satisfied at each step. Several one-on-one phone calls are included to discuss in detail and working pdfs are sent to you via email, plus a finalized to scale hard copy of the plans and front elevation. The façade is drawn by hand, the plans will be computer based and exportable, copyright free.

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Do I have to have a lot/land purchased?

It would help to be as exact as possible to arrange your design within typical setbacks (and any other applicable legal conditions) on any property, and be mindful of sun orientation, views, and weather but if you think you know what type of land/property you have in mind, or if you are simply dreaming now and have a vision and a goal to build in the future on an imagined property, then we can proceed with a Dream Home Design!

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How do we start? And what is the process?

Starting with a general idea of size and style, you will send me a survey (if you have purchased land) or we will imagine a property, you will convey the vision you have for your house, the total number of rooms desired and general proximity to each other. If you have a survey and have purchased land, you will send me information concerning any style restrictions in your area, setbacks set by zoning for the house from the property line, overall height allowed, any design covenants beyond the general zoning that may control style or stacking of floors or roof pitch, etc, any restrictions on how much can be built on your lot, and a topographic layout of the lay of the land. A flat lot will not require this but if the land slopes forward, back to front, or side to side, this will be important to plan for. Also neighboring properties may impinge on drainage and views which must be accounted for in these preliminary drawings.

See what satisfied clients are saying

Working for over 30 years and creating hundreds of custom home designs, I have been able to satisfy the goals and interests of every homeowner who has entrusted me with their Dream Home wishes!

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What will the Schematic Design cost?

By working with me through the internet – email, text and telephone -- you will save time and money and know that you are going to receive the benefit of years of experience gained from pleasing clients hundreds of times to date. The cost of the Schematic Floor Plan(s) and Front Elevation is based on the final total area of the house designed – heated or cooled living area plus garages and covered porches, or total area under roof. The size of the house is the basis for the cost of the design. There is no hourly rate; it is a fixed number. You will be able to text or email me as often as necessary and have a fixed time to discuss personally via phone. So it is very important that you communicate to me exactly what you would like done in terms of style and general floor plan layout.

NOTE: Feng Shui, Vastu, Wabi-Sabi , and Wu Wei designs or any other similar religious, philosophical or mythological systems will entail an upcharge of 40% under separate contract. Also, if you are under additional design covenants, adding requirements beyond the basic local zoning or other building codes, there will be a 40% upcharge if the plans must be submitted for review by other than public county or city code officials. Please contact me for details: [email protected]

NOTE: The cost for these design services is less than half of what we have been charging for the last 12 years. The design fees for Schematics are VERY Reasonable!

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A full Description of your plan and style requirements is Key to a Successful Design!

You will receive the Schematic Package Questionnaire via email after you order (see three house sizes -- Starter, Intermediate, Luxury -- listed below) that becomes part of our agreement and the basis of the Schematic Design. You may write out part or all of your requirements, and must fill in the items noted in the fill in the blank style “Schematic Floor Plan and Front Elevation Design QUESTIONNAIRE and Contract”

Your description of your plan, style, room organization and size is the basis of the design and our agreement. You must also convey any legal restrictions on your property (setbacks, maximum height, any Design Covenants if additionally regulated, etc.) and topographic map if site changes slope or elevation.

CHANGES after Scope of Work (as conveyed in the ‘Questionnaire and Contract’) is initially presented to Architect can be made at an additional cost, the fixed price presented before further work can continue.

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What Exactly Will You Receive?

You will receive via email initial floor plan designs for review and revision until you are completely satisfied. These will be based on your complete requirements description, survey and any zoning or other applicable legal covenants (if you own property), photos, links to similar designs, and any other information you forward. You will forward similar designs or photos/drawings of views of any house you have seen, admired, or desired to have for your own house. The designs I submit for review until satisfied as pdfs can be opened on your computer, enlarged, and printed out to study and make comments. When you approve the finalized floor plan(s) schematics – single or two or more level designs -- I will design and draw by hand, a unique front view/façade/front elevation of your home based on the floor plans schematics approved. It is an artistic representation of the front view of your home with shading and depth! The façade Schematic drawing will be the final design for the outside front view of your house. The final approved Schematic plans and façade will constitute the entire Schematic Package. I will also send you enlarged hard copy of the final approved plan(s) and façade via FedEx or UPS. The Package will be printed at ¼” scale, the typical residential size for ‘blueprints’ used by the industry. You will also receive the CAD file of the floor plan(s) so that you can forward them to any other design professional in your area to develop further into a completed set of construction documents. Or, where allowed, we can complete the drawings for a Permit Set under a separate contract.

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More comments from Satisfied homeowners about John Henry's amazing custom home designs!

“Thanks for all your help. The plans are terrific.”
J.R. Lacey MD, Austin, Texas

"We would feel infinitely comfortable in recommending John to others in the community.
He is truly a professional whose work consistently demonstrates his outstanding skill and capability.”
Sandeep Mukerjee, M.D.
We selected John because of the “Wow factor”.
Dr. David Smith, Orlando
“John Henry is worth every penny.”
George Stout, Chicago

"It looks amazing...You are a genius" MJ, Sydney Australia 2022

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Promote creative thinking

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“...the drawings are out of this world.”
Anfernee Hardaway, Orlando Fl.

“I’ve just gotten the drawings of the front elevation — and I love it — my heart is beating fast, it’s so pretty! My first impression is — I love it! Thank you very much, I’m really excited about it!"
Sybil Sikes, North Carolina
​“John, the drawings are fantastic as usual.”
Mario Garcia, Houston TX.
​“The overall design is terrific. Beautiful elevations front and rear.”
Blaine Sweatt, V.P. General Foods, Orlando, Florida

‘Villa Verona won the hearts of over 40,000 spectators...clearly the public’s choice...”

Southeast Homebuilder, 1992 Tallahassee, Florida

“Most Impressive...”

Trump Organization, 1991 New York, NY

“I continually receive compliments on the exterior elevations and I only take credit for hiring you. It really is stunning.”
Cynthia C. Patz, Windermere Florida

“The best drawings I’ve seen.”
Keith Brown, Austin, Texas
“Obviously we are extremely happy with how our plans are progressing, but perhaps more importantly, you are making it a fun experience ...not an easy task.”
Craig and Angie Pierson, Austin Tx.

"This is one of the most beautiful and well built homes I have ever seen and had the privilege of inspecting.”
Chubb Insurance Representative

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Select the size of house you have in mind below! Estimate total heated/cooled Living Area (measured to outside perimeter walls) plus garages and all covered areas, add about 15% -- The total is Square Feet Under Roof)

Please contact John Henry at [email protected] if you have any questions about the process or deliverables. Include your phone number for a call to discuss in more detail.



Up to 3,500 Square Feet Under Roof

Floor Plan(s) and Front Elevation

2 Hour Telephone Support

2 weeks Text and Email Support




Up to 6,000 Square Feet Under Roof

Floor Plan(s) and Front Elevation

4 Hour Telephone Support

4 weeks Text and Email Support




Up to 11,000 Square Feet Under Roof

Floor Plan(s) and Front Elevation

6 Hour Telephone Support

8 weeks Text and Email Support


Schematic Designs larger than 11,000 SF Under Roof will entail a flat fee of $2/SF Under Roof. Please contact Architect for separate contract at [email protected]

Pick your plan

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$100 10% discount

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$500 20% discount

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$995 30% discount

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Personal Message from John Henry

If you’ve spent hours online or weeks and months looking in your town or city for the Dream Home you’ve had in your mind, and haven’t found the ideal plan or style, then you’ve come to the right place.

Have you been working with a building designer or architect and you can’t seem to get what you want, very likely I can turn things around for you!

Most of my clients seek me for SOMETHING DIFFERENT and SPECIAL. Usually, that means that a particular style of home especially, is not something that is typically designed or built in their region.

Another reason is that Owners cannot successfully communicate their requirements to a design professional or that the professional responds with something different and cannot execute the design the Owner has in mind. I have spent over 30 years designing custom homes exclusively and have had success meeting or exceeding my client’s expectations.

I can do this for you as well. It’s a simple process and this is the creative portion of any custom design, which is also the most enjoyable! Please, if you have any questions or concerns, contact me by email to discuss further: [email protected] Include your phone number should we need to talk personally!

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